Hyperfast Broadband is coming to Hawkshead and Claife

B4RN stands for Broadband 4 the Rural North. It’s the world’s fastest rural broadband service, with a speed of 1000 Mbits per second. And it’ll be coming past your house if you live in…

Hawkshead, Hawkshead Hill, Roger Ground, Outgate, Knipe Fold, Low Wray, High Wray, Colthouse, Harrowslack, Near Sawrey, Far Sawrey, Cunsey.

This is a project that will benefit the whole community, now, and for years to come. B4RN dig the trenches, provide the cables, install the cabinets and power the internet service. We just need to take the cable into our houses.

Also, please fill in our local residents’ contact form so we can keep you informed of developments – and ask you to help from time to time